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Five days ahead of the
Greek parliamentary re-vote, the media propaganda machine has gone mute due to
the moratorium on the RAND() known as popular polling: forgotten are the days
when Syriza’ popularity rating would swing from -100 to +100 in the span of hours,
Diebold notwithstanding. Which leaves the media machine just one tactic:
updates on the economic collapse as a tacit suggestion of what may happen if
situation is not fixed. And while at this point it is nearly impossible to
distinguish propaganda from fact, the latest numbers out of Kathimerini are
just stunning. As Bloomberg’s Marcus Bensasson reports, citing Kathimerini, the
Greek banking system has continued to hemorrhage deposits this month, amid
uncertainty over the outcome of elections on June 17. “Many people are
putting money in shares of mutual funds denominated in dollars because of the
bureaucratic difficulty of taking money out of Greece, or are keeping cash at
home, the newspaper said.” How much? “Deposits are leaving the
banking system at a rate of 100 million to 500 million euros ($125 million to
$625 million) a day, Kathimerini said, without specifying over how long a
period that rate of outflow has continued.”
Considering that the
Greece banking system has about €170 billion in total deposits, this is roughly
0.3% of the entire deposit base fleeing each day – those who understand the
nuances of fractional reserve banking get why this could be an issue.
Putting this in the US
context, which has
over $8 trillion in various
forms of deposits, this would be equivalents to about $25 billion getting
withdrawn. Every day.

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