Moneta Digitale: L’Italia è nel G10 del Bitcoin (chi l’avrebbe detto)

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Oggi una notizia ha attratto la mia attenzione, ne estraggo un pezzettino da qui:

……The top 10 countries for BTC merchants’ adoption to date are as follows:

10. Italy

  • Population: 60,762,320
  • Merchants: 269
  • ATMs: 4
  • 1 BTC merchant / 225,882 people

While Italy has not been as quick to embrace cryptocurrencies as its other European counterparts, the country seems to be picking up steam as of late, adding its locally-built BTM and with one Italian newspaper, Il Giornale starting to accept BTC. Though the parliamentary hearings back in June on cryptocurrencies failed to produce any significant results, the number of merchants in the country appears to be on the upswing.

9. United States

  • Population: 318,753,000
  • Merchants: 1468
  • ATMs: 43  
  • 1 BTC merchant / 217,134 people

The US is the clear cut leader as far as merchant numbers are concerned. However, its per capita number is relatively low compared to other nations in this list including its northern neighbor, Canada.

Nevertheless, given the significantly larger number of places where people can spend their Bitcoin and with California officially approved the use of Bitcoin in the state, the US is at the forefront of the movement and is currently in process of developing Bitcoin regulations on both federal and state levels.

All eyes will be on the United States and the state of New York with relation to Bitcoin regulation in the near future, which could have a vast impact on worldwide merchant adoption.

8. United Kingdom

  • Population: 64,105,700
  • Merchants: 362
  • ATMs: 11
  • 1 BTC merchant / 177,087 people

The UK’s love and hate relationship with digital currencies has been widely covered on CoinTelegraph. Regardless, the island nation has a vibrant Bitcoin community and has a relatively high number of merchants across the country despite pressure from its traditional banking industry. Moreover, real estateopportunities have also been popping up while some students have even begun paying tuition with Bitcoin.

7. Finland

  • Population: 5,462,939
  • Merchants: 34
  • ATMs: 7
  • 1 BTC merchant / 160,645 people

Finland is not a densely populated nation, but it is nevertheless the home to a vibrant tech community and the communications and IT giant, Nokia. Finland is also the country where a new technology called Kryptoradio enables merchants and consumers to receive real time P2P network transaction data with any standard Digital TV device and custom software without the requirement of Internet or mobile network connection.

6. Australia

  • Population: 23,600,800
  • Merchants: 162
  • ATMs: 16
  • 1 BTC merchant / 145,684 people

Australia has been in the news a lot when it comes to Bitcoin. This is because it is one of the first countries that are attempting to regulate cryptocurrencies. It is also home to some powerful players in the Bitcoin space such as CoinJar and BitPOS while also hosting a significant number of BTMs.

5. Singapore

  • Population: 5,399,200
  • Merchants: 41
  • ATMs: 9
  • 1 BTC merchant / 131,688 people

The Singaporean economy is known as one of the most innovative and most business-friendly in the world. So it not surprising that the government has also shown interest in Singapore becoming a Bitcoin hub in the region with the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s managing director, Ravi Menon, stating that “digital currencies have a role to play.”

It is also home to a vibrant Bitcoin community that helped establish the Association of Cryptocurrency Enterprises and Startups which aims to facilitate a dialogue between Singapore crytocurrency businesses and the wider public, including regulators.

4. The Netherlands

  • Population: 16,868,300
  • Merchants: 132
  • ATMs: 9
  • 1 BTC merchant / 127,790 people

The Netherlands has always been at the forefront of technological innovation with some calling it a pillar of Bitcoin in Europe. Indeed, having hosted a successful Bitcoin City Day event on May 28, many people had the chance to experience what it would be like if every local business accepted Bitcoin. Amsterdam also serves as the European headquarters for one of the leading BTC payment processors, BitPay.

3. Canada

  • Population: 35,427,524
  • Merchants: 968
  • ATMs: 53
  • 1 BTC merchant / 36,598 people

Canada is the worldwide leader in Bitcoin ATM locations so it comes as no surprise that its BTC merchant figures are also impressive. With a relatively small population in comparison to its neighbor, Canada is the home to many Bitcoin startups such as BitAccess, Cavirtex and Vault of Satoshi while also becoming the first country to regulate Bitcoin back in June.

2. Slovenia

  • Population: 2,063,987
  • Merchants: 58
  • ATMs: 4
  • 1 BTC merchant / 35,586 people

Slovenia has demonstrated its ambitious plans to become a Central European Bitcoin hub. Home to one of the most prominent Bitcoin exchanges, Bitstamp, the country recently hosted the Central and Eastern Europe Bitcoin Conference in the capital Ljubljana with one of the biggest European Telecoms providers Telekom Slovenije seemingly showing interest in cryptocurrencies by sponsoring the event.

1. Estonia

  • Population: 1,315,819
  • Merchants: 38
  • ATMs: 1
  • 1 BTC merchant / 34,627 people

Estonia is certainly no stranger to innovation and has emerged in recent years as a technological hub responsible for such startups as Skype. It also hosted a week-long Bitcoin focused event back in May and has demonstrated an appetite for technological innovation with a relatively large number of merchants despite its small population.

Honorable mention:

Isle of Man

  • Population: 84,497
  • Merchants: 3
  • ATMs: 1
  • 1 BTC merchant / 28,166 people

The Isle of Man did not take the top spot due to recent developments that could have a negative impact on Bitcoin adoption on the island in addition to having Crown Dependency status. Nevertheless, the Isle of Man has demonstrated its goal of becoming a ‘Bitcoin Isle’ while developing a framework for the regulation of digital currencies to foster the growing Bitcoin economy.

BTC Merchant Numbers by Continent

Beh, non avevo dubbi sull’Estonia (tipo Argento a IVA Zero) che su certi argomenti si conferma una punta di diamante assoluta. Ma sono stupito dall’Italia che si pone al decimo posto. O meglio…. forse non dovrei essere stupito qui si tratta del comportamento individuale di abitanti dell’espressione geografica conosciuta come Italia, non di “Italia”. E non è la stessa cosa.


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