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Under the pressure of many of his deputies Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou is being ‘forced’ to deliver his speech a couple of hours earlier than scheduled. Not shortly before the confidence vote starts at midnight, but in good half-an-hour, at 8 pm local time.

Ruling party PASOK parliamentary group is boiling as quite a number of deputies are not willing to cast a confidence vote, unless Papandreou commits to immediately start talks for the establishment of a national unity government and step down.

During the day several PASOK deputies told Greek media, they will decide after listening to Papandreou’s speech. Some even said that the vote is not to show confidence to wards the government or Papandreou but to authorize the government to form a national unity gov’t.

On Thursday alleged ”coalition talks” between PASOK and  main opposition party leader Antonis Samaras from conservative Nea Dimokratia didn’t come even to a meeting between the two parties.

For some insights on the Greek political developments of the last hours see KTG-Article from today’s noon: Vote of Confidence – Last Act of Greek Tragicomedy? 

07:50 pm

Anotnis Samaras (Nea Dimokratia) demands Papandreou’s resignation in order to hold talks on national unity government.

At 6 pm the Metro stations <Syntagma> and <Evaggelismos> were closed by Greek police out of fear of possible incidents due to protests of Greek Communist Party (KKE) and civic organisations at Syntagma Sq, outside the Greek parliament.

08:11 pm

Papandreou’s speech in delay [usual PASOK time…]

Several PASOK deputies spoke and said they will give him their vote of confidence.

Other have said, they cast their confidence only if he commits to resign.

During the day Health Minister Andreas Loverdos, aspiring PASOK chairman, gave an ultimatum to Papandreou “Either you resign, or I do”.

08:16 pm

According to newspaper Proto Thema (online edition) Papandreou will (?) go to a national unity government with another PM, not him. He reportedly favors a transition government consisting of politicians [not technocrats as it has been proposed by several circles] and to serve for a period of some 6 months.

A coalition government/ national unity or salvation government will  most likely not be headed by a party leader as PM, but a 3rd person, even somebody from outside the parliament.

08:22 pm

Kosta Skandalidis, Agriculture Minister, asks the ‘coalition talks to start tomorrow morning.



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